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Letters of Support for SWWDB's Business Services
"I would like to thank you and your group for the efforts you have put forth establishing the job fairs for Rock County. The events have been very beneficial . . ."
". . . thank you and your staff for a superb event!"
". . . we want to express our appreciation for the high quality business services . . . as a team, you listened, you coached, and you acted."
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". . . your program is successful, and I encourage you to work with people like me . . ."
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". . . this contract has met the company's expectation in both Ron learning the job and gaining the skills necessary to carry out his daily responsibilities . . ."
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Letter of Support for Hire a Neighbor
“It was helpful to have you filter the hundreds of potential candidates based on the needs of my office and the skill sets required for the position.”
>Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin
"The Hire a Neighbor program was a booming success for us . . . and we are so very grateful to . . . the Southwest Workforce Development Board."
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Click here to download the SWWDB Business Services Brochure.

The mission of the Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board (SWWDB) is to provide area employers with comprehensive, cost-effective methods to connect to the region’s dynamic and motivated job-seekers.  SWWDB staff can help local employers find qualified candidates to interview without having to place ads or accept resumes/applications, and can customize services to meet the specific needs and budget of the employer.

Services available through SWWDB include:

Candidate searches: SWWDB staff is available to help employers find the best candidates for vacant positions.  We can use the employer-provided job description to search for eligible and qualified candidates for the position, or we can work with employers to write a job description to use for the search process.

Advertising: SWWDB staff can assist employers in drafting and placing advertisements in local newspapers, specialized trade publications and/or job-search Web sites of the employers’ choosing.  The cost of advertising would be fully paid by the employer and will depend on the publications used for advertising the position.

Recruitment: SWWDB can serve as the agency accepting resumes/applications from interested candidates.  SWWDB can also act as an intermediary, disseminating any information provided by the employer directly to interested potential candidates.  SWWDB can respond to candidate inquiries and answer employment-related questions on behalf of the employer.

Job fairs: Whether your company is hiring for one position or 1,000, SWWDB can coordinate, promote, host and staff recruitment fairs at our Job Centers, your offices or another location.

Assessment tests: Using Xyte — an interactive, online job-placement assistant — employers can develop ideal “patterns” for various positions in their organization.  Employers then can compare their patterns to the pool of job seekers who have completed the JobFit assessment, providing employers with a pool of candidates who possess the necessary skill sets.

Online searches: Using, SWWDB can assist employers in marketing vacant positions on the official Wisconsin online job bulletin board.  Applications can go directly to the employer’s human resources department or to SWWDB for initial screening.

SWWDB can also provide access to our Hire a Neighbor program – a one-of-a-kind agreement with – to access to the nation’s largest online resume database.  SWWDB will actually search the database and provide a list of qualified candidates for consideration based on the approved job description.  Online search services are provided at no cost.

Screening/sorting services: SWWDB staff can review resumes/applications submitted by job- seekers using the employer’s employment criteria.  We can rank candidates in terms of which resumes match most closely the employer’s desired skill set and/or recommend candidates the employer may want to interview.

Interviews/scheduling: SWWDB staff is available to schedule initial interviews with selected candidates, based on the employer’s schedule.  We also can assist employers by conducting first interviews with a predetermined number of candidates, and/or SWWDB staff can sit in on employer-conducted interviews and provide feedback regarding candidate qualifications.

Background/reference checks/drug testing: SWWDB staff can conduct criminal background checks using the comprehensive database maintained by the state Department of Corrections.  For applicants determined by the employer, we can contact past employers and personal references to properly vet each candidate’s resume and employment history.  SWWDB can also schedule drug testing for candidates using reputable and certified testing facilities.

SWWDB’s services and pricing structure are fully customizable, depending on each employer’s needs.  SWWDB will negotiate a contract with the employer based on actual time and materials for services provided.  The scope of services will be determined based on discussion with designated employer representatives and documented in a services agreement.

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For additional information about any of these services and more, please contact Anna Schramke, SWWDB Business Services Coordinator, at (608) 342-4220 ext. 232 or e-mail

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