Left to Right: Beckman Mill (Beloit), House on the Rock (Spring Green) & Grange Mall (Evansville) Left to Right: Boscobel Heritage Museum, Grant County Court House, Don Q Inn in Dodgeville Left to Right: Beloit Snappers, Brodhead Historical Museum, Zonta Park & Municipal Building in Beloit Left to Right: Badger Mine & Museum in Shullsburg, Ten Eyck Apple Barn in Brodhead, Milton House in Milton Left to Right: Old Water Tower in Clinton, Riverside Park in Beloit, Thresheree in Edgerton Left to Right: Lake Montesian in Monticello, Cassville Ferry, The Point in Potosi

Job Seekers-Apprenticeships

Registered apprenticeship offers numerous benefits to both employers and jobseekers. Apprenticeship is post-secondary education like a college or university. But there's a big difference. Apprentices learn only a portion of their skills in a traditional classroom. They receive most of their training on-the-job, while working for an employer who pays a good wage. The employment is the primary requirement for an apprenticeship - a job must exist for the apprentice to be trained. The classroom instruction is usually provided through the Wisconsin Technical College system.

Click here for more information: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/apprenticeship/individuals.htm

Registered Apprenticeship

How do I become an apprentice? https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/apprenticeship/individuals.htm#2

Information for Veterans who become apprentices: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/apprenticeship/va-benefits.htm

Apprenticeship Features Employer Sponsors: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/apprenticeship/featured.htm

FAQs: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/apprenticeship/individuals.htm#3

Blackhawk Technical College Apprenticeship Programs: https://www.blackhawk.edu/Professional-Training/Apprenticeships

Southwest Technical College Apprenticeship Programs: https://www.swtc.edu/academics/apprenticeships/

Contact a Registered Apprenticeship Staff: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/apprenticeship/contacts.htm

Contact Local Apprenticeship Liaison at: d.melahn@swwdb.org

Youth Apprenticeship

About the Youth Apprenticeship Program: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/youthapprenticeship/become-youth-apprentice.htm

How do I become a youth apprentice? https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/youthapprenticeship/become-youth-apprentice.htm#2

Youth Apprenticeship Career Programs & Responsibilities: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/youthapprenticeship/become-youth-apprentice.htm#3

Contact Youth Apprenticeship Consortium Staff: https://dwd.wisconsin.gov/youthapprenticeship/consortiums-directory.htm

Contact Local Youth Apprenticeship Regional Coordinator at: d.melahn@swwdb.org

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